How to choose and use control cables?

The wire and cable industry accounts for 1/4 of the output value of China's electrical industry. It has a wide variety of products and a wide range of applications, involving industries such as electric power, construction, communications, and manufacturing, and is closely related to various sectors of the national economy. In real life, people always confuse power cables and control cables, and it is difficult to distinguish which is the power cable and which is the control cable.



Overview of control cables
The cables connected from the control center to each system to transmit signals or control operation functions are collectively referred to as control cables. The early functions of the control cable were relatively simple, including: indicator light display, instrument indication, operation of relays and switchgear, alarm interlock system, etc. In recent years, due to the wide application of weak current and computer network, new functions and higher requirements have been put forward for the selection and application of control cables.


Main series of control cables
The main products of control cables today are three series: PVC insulated control cables, natural styrene-butadiene rubber insulated control cables and polyethylene insulated control cables. In addition, there are products of cross-linked polyethylene insulation and ethylene propylene rubber insulation. The oil-impregnated paper insulated lead-clad control cables produced in the early years have been eliminated.


Measures to ensure normal operation of control cables
After the control cable is put into operation, there are electrical interference problems between different cores of the same cable and between cables laid in parallel next to each other. The main causes of electrical interference are:
(1) Electrostatic interference due to the capacitive coupling between the cores of the applied voltage;
(2) Electromagnetic induction interference due to energized current. Generally speaking, when there are high-voltage and high-current interference sources nearby, the electrical interference will be more serious. Since the distance between the cores of the same cable is small, the degree of interference is much greater than that of adjacent cables laid in parallel.

Precautions for purchasing and installing control cables
Precautions for purchasing control cables:
1. It depends on the certificate of conformity, whether there is a production date, factory address, factory name and trademark, standard, voltage, color, brightness, cross-section, etc.
2. Try to check the softness, fatigue resistance, hand feeling function, etc. after repeated bending.
3. It depends on the color. Through the identification of color brightness, choose better products. Try to choose products with high luster, obvious brightness and uniform color.
4. After folding by hand, feel the toughness of the wire to choose a better product.
5. Be sure to check whether its length and core thickness have been tampered with.
6. Cut a short section, and then see if the wire core is in the middle of the insulation layer, which is also a good way to identify.
7. The completeness of various signs is also an effective guarantee for measuring product quality.

Notes on device control cables:
1. Can be installed under the eaves, do not let the strong light shine directly, it is easy to damage the cable.
2. Fully consider the heat on the outer wall, avoid direct sunlight and cause excessive temperature, which will affect the service life of the cable.
3. The inside of the pipeline must be protected from damage, or the thermal conductivity of the metal pipeline must be prevented.
4. If it is suspended in the air, it must fully consider the sag and pressure, and also consider the problem of direct sunlight.
5. When controlling the installation of wires, for the laying of direct underground cables, we should regularly dry or check the humidity level.
6. Underground pipelines must pay attention to cable replacement, surface pressure, surrounding environment isolation and other factors, so we must pay attention to these installation problems, so that we can better play the role of controlling wires and ensure safety.

Control cables are now widely used in industrial and mining enterprises and power transportation fields, and with their outstanding control and protection, they have a good insulation effect and better power transmission. The advantages of outstanding performance, scientific control of operating capacitors, and high protection against remote noise have won high recognition from the market and increased the market sales of the product. Therefore, if we want to effectively guarantee the quality of the purchased control wires, we must learn the necessary purchasing attention skills, so that we can better reflect the first-class technical products, so as to bring our consumers safe and efficient product functions. When choosing The above skills are very important, but we still need to proceed from our actual needs, and choosing the right product is the right choice.