Why choose BV wire for home building decoration?

With the continuous development of society, wires and cables have become an indispensable part of production and life. Qualified wires and cables will not only improve the safety of circuits, but also our safety guarantee. Therefore, the selection of wires and cables should be reasonably selected according to the usage scene, and the phenomenon of overloading and aging should not appear.



                             Why choose BV wire for home building decoration?


Selection of wire and cable models

(1) When selecting wires and cables, the use, laying conditions and safety should be considered;
(2) Depending on the application: power cables, overhead insulated cables, control cables, etc. can be selected;
(3) According to different laying conditions: general plastic insulated cables, steel tape armored cables, steel wire armored cables, anti-corrosion cables, etc. can be selected;
(4) According to safety requirements: flame-retardant cables, halogen-free flame-retardant cables, fire-resistant cables, etc. can be selected.

Selection of wire and cable specifications

(1) When determining the use specifications (conductor cross-section) of wires and cables, conditions such as heat generation, voltage loss, economic current density, and mechanical strength should be considered;
(2) Due to the large load current of the low-voltage power line, the cross-section is generally selected according to the heating conditions, and then the voltage loss and mechanical strength are checked;
(3) Because of the high requirements on the voltage level of low-voltage lighting lines, the cross-section can be selected according to the allowable voltage loss conditions, and then the heating conditions and mechanical strength can be checked;
(4) For high-voltage lines, first select the section according to the economic current density, and then check the heating conditions and allowable voltage loss.


Why choose BV wire for home building decoration?

BV wire refers to copper core PVC insulated wire, and BV wire can be divided into two types: BV and ZC-BV, among which ZC-BV is flame-retardant BV wire. No matter which one of BV and ZC-BV is used, it can ensure the daily electricity demand and safe use of the home.

1. Convenient construction

The BV line is a single-strand wire, which is very convenient for threading or wiring during construction. This provides convenience in construction. At the same time, because the BV line is a single-strand line and a single-loop line, it is also very convenient to take, which can save the time of construction workers during construction.


2. High security

For the BV line, because it is a copper-core PVC insulated wire, its interior is a single-strand copper core, and its exterior is insulated with polyvinyl chloride. At the same time, the BV line is made of 99% pure oxygen-free copper, because the oxygen-free copper copper core has low resistivity, excellent electrical conductivity, large carrying capacity, and the copper core has good ductility, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, strong stability, and is easy to use. High security.

3. Affordable price

For the price of wires, it is the main factor affecting consumers' purchases. The price of the BV line is relatively low under the condition of ensuring safety, so as consumers, they will naturally choose to use the BV line because of their high safety and economical price.

4. Strong tensile strength

When using electricity for home decoration, it is necessary to pass the BV wire through the pipe for construction. At this time, the construction of threading and pulling wire will occur. Whether it is through the steel ratio or the wire itself, it will generate a certain tension on the wire. At this time, the BV wire Because of its strong tensile strength, it will not have any impact on it when the construction personnel pull the wire normally, and will not damage the internal single-strand copper core.

5. Long service life

For the BV line, the inside is a single-strand copper core, and the outside is PVC insulation material. Through such protection, the inner single-strand copper core has stronger corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, so that its wires The service life is prolonged, which also meets the service life requirements of home decoration wires. Generally speaking, it is no problem to use it for 10 years under the correct use conditions.