Selection of Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC) and All-Aluminum Alloy Conductors

Description and presentation of related product information for overhead bundled cables (ABC) and all-aluminum alloy conductors.



1. Aerial bundled cables, also known as overhead bundled conductors or ABC for short, are overhead power lines that use multiple edge phase conductors that are tightly bundled together, usually with a bare neutral conductor. Therefore, the ABC overhead bundled cable has the advantages of being safe, simple, safe and reliable, and reducing power distribution losses. The 0.6-1KV 3X70mm2 + 54.6 ABC Cable is used to provide 3-phase power, usually from a pole mounted transformer, to the user's service head, where it connects to the service inlet cable. The conductor temperature of the product is 90°C, the XLPE temperature is 75°C, and the ambient temperature is 40°C. The long-term allowable working temperature of the cable can reach 70°C or 90°C, so in the process of use, it can ensure personal safety and reduce power supply. the occurrence of the accident.

aerial bounded cable

2. All-aluminum alloy conductor: The high-strength aluminum alloy conductor used for all-aluminum alloy conductors conforms to the standard JB/T 8134-1997, and is a high-capacity, high-strength stranded conductor, usually used for overhead power lines, with continuous working temperature Limited to 75 °C (167 °F), the resistivity of aluminum alloy wire for stranded wire is: LHA1: not more than 32.840nΩ/m; LHA2: not more than 32.530nΩ/m. All-aluminum alloy conductors have been widely used in transmission lines of various voltage levels, and are also used in transmission lines with special geographical features such as large rivers and thick ice areas. The cable has the advantages of high strength, large current carrying capacity and good performance. It has the characteristics of catenary and wear resistance, extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low line cost, and large power transmission capacity.

aerial bounded cable
Advantages of ABC Overhead Bundle Cables

1. Good insulation performance
The ABC overhead insulated cable adds a layer of insulation, which makes the insulation performance of the bare wire more superior, which can shorten the line-to-phase distance, reduce the insulation requirements of the line support components, and increase the number of circuits with poles erected.

2. Simple installation
ABC cables are insulated and wrapped with a neutral conductor and tightly bundled together, no crossbars and insulators are required.

3. Reliability
ABC is highly reliable, insulation has been developed to withstand heat, cold and intense sunlight, insulated conductors prevent accidental contact and can temporarily maintain power in the event of a suspension collapse.

Advantages of all aluminum alloy conductors
1. Large carrying capacity
  It can be used for transmission lines in special geographical locations, with stable transmission current and large flow

2. The material is lighter
  Trapezoidal strands can be used to pack more aluminum into the same cable line